Season 1, Episode 5: We'll Always Have Tuesday


"You know, I see you in school a lot..." -Brendon
"Yeah." -Lonnie
"...and I never noticed that you looked at me ever, not that I'm saying you are now." -Brendon
"Well, I didn't." -Lonnie
"Oh." -Brendon
"Well, I mean I did, but sometimes I used to just look at you because I never saw anybody so, um, pale." -Lonnie
"Right." -Brendon
"And I noticed you at soccer 'cause you're, like..." -Lonnie
"Right." -Brendon
"...really bad. Like when my mom says, 'It's not whether you win or lose, it's how hard you try?'" -Lonnie
"Right." -Brendon
It makes me think of you." -Lonnie
"Right, 'cause... oh, that's... tell your mother thank you.' -Brendon

"We're not here to make friends, we're here to make movies." -Jason
Okay, guys, listen." -Brendon
"I mean, she had one cue." -Melissa
"What are you guys talking about?" -Lonnie
"Nothing." -Jason
"Nevermind." -Melissa
"Nothing, we're just going over the scene." -Brendon
"Why don't you tell me, then I'll know what to do." -Lonnie
"Well, why don't you study your lines, Yoko?" -Melissa

"Did you used to go out with that guy Mitch in the fifth grade?" -Brendon
"Well, yeah, a long time ago." -Lonnie
"Oh, really, like how long ago?" -Brendon
"Like a week ago, Tuesday." -Lonnie

"You were playing the game of love, and when you play the game of love, someone always gets hurt." -Melissa
"I'm turnin' my chips in. You know why?" -Brendon
"'Cause you lost?" -Melissa
"No, I quit!" -Brendon
"You forfeit?" -Melissa
"I fold! I know what my cards are, and you know something? I don't have a good hand!" -Brendon

"When you and dad decided to split up, did you just give it to him? You know, just say, 'Get out of here!?" -Brendon
"No, honey, it was an agreement." -Paula
"Yeah?" -Brendon
"It was a long time in coming, but keep in mind that this has never had anything to do with you and Josie. You've given us nothing but happiness." -Paula
"Oh, I didn't think it was..." -Brendon
"Oh, sorry." -Paula
"Until you just..." -Brendon
"I'm so sorry. Sorry I put the thought in your head." -Paula
"Thanks a lot, mom." -Brendon


Written by Brendon Small, Loren Bouchard, H. Jon Benjamin, Paula Poundstone, Melissa Bardin Galsky, Additional writing by Mitch Hedberg, Eugene Mirman, Laura Silverman, Holly Schlessinger

Cast Brendon Small, Paula Poundstone, H. Jon Benjamin, Melissa Bardin Galsky, Eugene Mirman, Laura Silverman, Mitch Hedberg.